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JMC Photogahpy

Photogahpy and Production: Chas Rader-Shieber

Photogahpy: Anna Davidson | Production: Chas Rader-Shieber

Selected Reviews:


"American baritone Sean Michael Plumb made his HGO debut in this Werther as Charlotte’s husband, Albert, singing with a smoothly attractive voice."
Werther, Houston Grand Opera


"Baritone Sean Michael Plumb was a jocular Papageno with fulsome, balanced lines and excellent sustain.  His comic acting shone throughout, whether as a foil to Tamino’s earnestness or with Monostatos, terrifying each other at their initial encounter."
Die Zauberflöte, Dallas Opera

"Of these winners, the one to watch is Sean Michael Plumb, twenty-three, who turned loose his full, exciting lyric baritone in a joyous performance of Robert's aria from Iolanta."  

George London Foudation Competition Finals

“Sean Michael Plumb, in his company debut as Harlekin, revealed a pleasingly mellow lyric baritone.”

Ariadne auf Naxos, The Metropolitan Opera

"Young Sean Plumb's convincingly aged Musiklehrer offered the evening's most beautiful singing."

Ariadne auf Naxos

"Sean Michael Plumb, as Schaunard, displayed a burnished, muscular baritone and compelling charm."
La boheme, Opera Theater of Saint Louis



"...without doing anything radical, the conductor — and one of the vocal soloists in particular — made an unusually strong case for the work. Two forces stood out. One was baritone Sean Michael Plumb, who managed an intimacy that made the distance in the hall disappear. He rightly heard his role as a lieder singer, using a palette of vocal colors to underscore emotion and meaning. The other great presence was the orchestra under Luisi."

Carmina Burana, The Philadelphia Orchestra 2024

"The star of the show [was] Sean Michael Plumb, whose warm, velvety baritone and onstage ease as the birdcacther Papageno promised wonderful things to come."

The Magic Flute


"The score doesn't ask for beautiful singing, but got it anyway from baritone Sean Michael Plumb."

Der Kaiser von Atlantis + Ich habe genug


"Sean Plumb sang Robert in a smooth, juicy baritone."




“the news of this “Bohème” [is] an unusually assertive, stylish Schaunard from the young baritone Sean Michael Plumb, in a small part that often fades into Zeffirelli’s teeming backgrounds.”

La bohème, Metropolitan Opera 2023

"deservedly among the winners was the baritone Sean Michael Plumb, who brought elegant lyricism and responsive musicality to music by Rossini and Tchaikovsky."

Metropolitan Opera National Council Grand Finals


"My other favorites...the baritone Sean Michael Plumb, 24, deeply dramatic in an aria from Verdi's "Don Carlo"

George London Foundation


"The remarkable baritone Sean Michael Plumb displayed an instrument notable for its evenness of tone and overwhelming beauty. He shaded his genuinely lyric sound with darker, more desperate colors as the narrator grew ever more disillusioned by the caprices of fate."

Carmina Burana, The Philadelphia Orchestra 2024

“Sean Michael Plumb’s Schaunard was a standout, with a warm, elegant baritone that projected easily through the auditorium. He also has an engaging stage presence, dispatching the physical comedy of the final act with a youthful naturalness.”
La bohème, Metropolitan Opera 2023

"The Fiorello of Sean Plumb made me think this is a voice we'll hear sing Figaro soon – and I hope often!"

Il barbiere di Siviglia

"Musiklehrer Sean Plumb, who impressed with his beautiful singing in Opera Philadelphia's Barbiere in September, continues to impress."

Ariadne auf Naxos


“As Schaunard, Sean Michael Plumb displayed an impressive baritone and a ready smile, who can steal a scene with the best of them.”
La bohème, Metropolitan Opera 2023


“Sean Michael Plumb, in his Met debut, was a frisky Harlequin with an impressive voice.”

Ariadne auf Naxos, The Metropolitan Opera


“Sean Michael Plumb was an absolute delight as the musician Schunard, prancing flamboyantly about the garret as he infused true bohemian joie de vivre to the proceedings. His honeyed tone complimented puckish stage presence while his later empty stare effectively portrayed the character’s grief and shock at Mimì’s deathbed. More than anyone else, his performance carried the piece’s arch towards its crushing loss of innocence.”
La bohème, Metropolitan Opera 2023

"Fortunately, baritone Sean Michael Plumb bounded in from stage right to lift the evening’s proceedings with a sparkling rendition of “Largo al factotum” from Rossini’s Il barbiere di Siviglia. Plumb gave an affable account of the titular barber with a bright, appealing top register, the ease of which would give any Almaviva a run for his money."

Richard Tucker Gala 2023


"In his Met debut, baritone Sean Michael Plumb as Harlekin made a positive impression with a sunny relaxed demeanor and smooth vocalism.  His bright manner and full-voiced singing convinced in the role"

Ariadne auf Naxos, The Metropolitan Opera

"Sean Michael Plumb’s Melot was vocally bright, even vivid, in a performance having one wish he had more to sing"

Tristan und Isolde, Bayerische Staatsoper


“American baritone Sean Michael Plumb as Schaunard was jovial and a perfect member of this season’s cast. His voice is full of life and character as he sings. His eyes glistened and his facial expressions matched the tone. Plumb recently debuted at the Met last year, 2022, as Harlekin in “Ariadne auf Naxos” led by Marek Janowski. He is definitely a singer on the rise!”
La bohème, Metropolitan Opera 2023

“​​Plumb has an appealing baritone that has a rich warm sound that in a larger role will definitely shine when he returns to the Met. In his short song, “Lieben, Hassen, Hoffen, Zagen,” his voice displayed roundness and gorgeous legato.”

Ariadne auf Naxos, The Metropolitan Opera


“Sean Michael Plumb delivers a well-toned Figaro, with a powerful and supple center, as well as brilliant high notes. The singing line is clean, clear, richly dynamic and always suitably expressive: a barber as it should be.”

Il barbiere di Siviglia, Bayerische Staatsoper

Translated from Spanish


"An diesem Abend phänomenal aufgelegten Sean Michael Plumb als Gugliemo. Sein mit beindruckend lässiger Eleganz vorgetragener Bariton überzeugt von Beginn an mit unglaublichem Facettenreichtum. Da entsteht eine bunte bergige Herbstlandschaft, die durch fantastisches Detailreichtum zu überzeugen weiß. Feine Verzierungen werden mit höchster Hingabe gesungen, alles wirkt dennoch aus einem Guss und mit goldenem Glanze veredelt. Toll!"

Cosi fan tutte


"An diesem Abend phänomenal aufgelegten Sean Michael Plumb als Gugliemo. Sein mit beindruckend lässiger Eleganz vorgetragener Bariton überzeugt von Beginn an mit unglaublichem Facettenreichtum. Da entsteht eine bunte bergige Herbstlandschaft, die durch fantastisches Detailreichtum zu überzeugen weiß. Feine Verzierungen werden mit höchster Hingabe gesungen, alles wirkt dennoch aus einem Guss und mit goldenem Glanze veredelt. Toll!"

Cosi fan tutte


"Sean Michael Plumb was a very fine Guglielmo.  The voice full of youthful sheen, sung off the text, in a warm, handsome baritone.  He pulled out a lovely legato in ‘il core vi dono’ and his ‘donne mie’ was sung with wit, charm as well as frustration brought out through the words."

Cosi fan tutte, Bayerische Staatsoper


"Sean Michael Plumb (Maximilien) profite de ses courtes interventions pour exposer une voix brillante émise avec facilité, dans une rythmique précise."
Candide, Opéra National de Lyon


"Sean Michael Plumb (Ned Keene) se fait remarquer grâce à sa liberté et sa puissance vocales, qu’il emploie stratégiquement pour expliciter le côté tantôt comique, tantôt pervers de son personnage."

Peter Grimes, Bayerische Staatsoper

Sean Michael Plumb a repris avec une belle réussite le rôle de Chtchelkalov, timbre suave, beau phrasé.”

Boris Godunov, Bayerische Staatsoper

"The program opened with Sean Michael Plumb, a 2022 Tucker Career Grant recipient, giving an excellent rendering of Figaro's  "Largo al factotum", with Howard Watkins at the keyboard providing brilliant support. Mr. Plumb's voice, wide-ranging and handsome of timbre, sounded great in the great Hall. "

Richar Tucker Gala 2023

“Sean Michael Plumb is an agile and delightfully goofy Papageno, with a finely focused baritone.”

Die Zauberflöte, Dallas Opera

“Sean Michael Plumb as Papageno is a sprightly actor whose baritone is an ideal fit for the role. His introductory “Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja,” was pitch-perfect in delivery and fanciful in spirit.”

Die Zauberflöte, Dallas Opera

“As it always seems to be, boyhood chums make for charming opposites and such is the case here with Sean Michael Plumb’s guileless cutup of Papageno, Tamino’s sidekick. Vocally, Plumb has a secure lyric baritone voice with amazing flexibility which allows him to play Papageno in the manner of a character actor (for which it was originally conceived) yet hold his own when serious singing is required.”

Die Zauberflöte, Dallas Opera


“As Schaunard, the musician, baritone Sean Michael Plumb was a find, handsome and with a big, rich voice and acting chops beyond the usual.”

La boheme


"Another rising star would certainly be Sean Michael Plumb as Papageno. Not only is his baritone rich and supple, but his comedic timing is also impeccable. An absolute joy to watch and hear."

Die Zauberflöte


"Sean Michael Plumb sang...surprising the audience with his full, resonant baritone voice."

Crystal Emerging Artists Showcase



"The American baritone Sean Michael Plumb,  one of the artists awarded a scholarship by the Richard Tucker Foundation, is one of the great promises of the American pool of singers...we were able to enjoy his generous emission and the pleasant warmth of his timbre. , clean and youthful. Without a doubt, an artist in clear growth."

Richard Tucker Gala 2023


"Sean Michael Plumb, a 24 year old baritone from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was no stranger to the big stage. He fearlessly presented a nearly flawless performance of “Bella siccome un angelo” from Don Pasquale. His voice effortlessly rang to every corner of the theater boasting a rich tone and excitable yet anchored and even vibrato throughout his singing. Mr. Plumb returned to the stage with Robert’s aria from Iolanta, a beast of a piece to which his voice was astonishingly well suited."

Metropolitan Opera National Council Grand Finals


"The cast is filled with smartly detailed performances: debut artist Sean Michael Plumb brought his smooth baritone to the delightful role of the Harlequin."

Ariadne auf Naxos, The Metropolitan Opera


“Sean Michael Plumb, as Schaunard, the musician, shows the most powerful voice of all four friends. It's clear and true, and Plumb has exceptionally fine diction.”

La boheme


"Mr. Plumb, in his OTSL debut, proves to be a skilled actor with a fine sense of comedy and an accurate, robust voice.”

La boheme


"The blonde and handsome baritone Sean Michael Plumb appeared almost god-like as Apollo, and he spun out his long musical lines with style and accuracy, investing his words with strong dramatic coloring."

Apollo e Dafne



"Plumb’s voice with its incredible agility, beautiful high notes, impeccable cadenzas and sparkling color brought golden age pleasure to one and all."
Gerda Lissner Winners' Concert at Carnegie Hall

"Sean Michael Plumb, winner of the Opera Index award for 2015, sang a dazzling “Pierrot’s Tanzlied” from Korngold’s Die Tote Stadt. His beautiful baritone caressed the words and his pianissimi were heavenly."

Opera Index, Inc Winners' Recital


"“Du bist die Ruh” by Schubert was sung by Sean Michael Plumb whose baritone seized every nuance from a pianissimo to forte with flair. He captured Schubert’s longing and gave us all a piece to take home."

Gerda Lissner Liederkranz Winners' Recital



"Sean Michael Plumb was an incredibly appealing Gianni Schicchi, winning the audience to his side against Dante's condemnation.  He sang and acted with impressive poise."

Gianni Schicchi



"Sean Michael Plumb should also be exempted from anonymity in tribute to his convincing and strongly sung portrayal of Puccini’s title character."

Gianni Schicchi



"We were delighted to hear "Robert's Aria" once again, sung by the full-throated baritone Sean Michael Plumb who seemed preternaturally comfortable in Russian."

George London Foundation Competition



"I gulped for breath. I had stopped breathing. The music was transcendent. Plumb and [bass Anthony] Reed are exceptional talents who will undoubtedly enjoy operatic brilliant careers."

Der Kaiser von Atlantis + Ich habe genug



“…baritone Sean Michael Plumb gave a lively, fascinating, and powerful portrayal of the arrogant warrior.”

Apollo e Dafne

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